Kids Corner

Strange and Endangered Poster

Artist Elise Smorczewski from the Maine College of Art designed this fantastic poster. You may download the pdf and print it on 11×17 paper.

Tapir Crossword Puzzle

Test your knowledge of tapirs with this fun crossword puzzle. The challenge includes thirteen questions about tapir habitats, biology and role in their ecosystem. If you’re stumped, the answers can be found in the About Tapirs section of our site.

Tapir Word Search

There are four living species of tapirs. Can you find them along with more than a dozen other hidden words in this printable Word Search?

Coloring Book

Dantela – Concurso Salvemos el Hogar de la Danta

Courtesy of Programa de Educación Ambiental del Parque Nacional Tenorio, Costa Rica

This twelve-page coloring book was created by author José Mario Rodriguez Quíros. It features line-drawings of scenes of a Baird’s tapir in its native landscape, along with a boy who lives near them. Please note that it includes a scene of a baby tapir losing its mother due to hunting, so for those who teared up during a similar scene in Bambi, please be aware.

Comic Book

Un Pequeño Ante Aventurero

Instituto Nacional de Recursos Naturales (INRENA), Peru

This twenty-page Spanish-language comic chronicles the perils of a young tapir as it encounters a farmhouse near its forest in its native Peru. It includes a life lesson for a well-meaning girl who wishes to care for the lost tapir, as well as a villanous hunter, a comically heroic father, and good advice from the tapir’s tiny mouse friend. There is a happy ending.

Authors: Daniel and Marcela Cossios, Jessica Amanzo. Illustrated by Daniel Cossios.

INRENA also published a comic from the same creators, starring an Andean or Spectacled Bear:

La mudaza de Tomas el Oso