Tapir Conservation Newsletter

The Tapir Specialist Group began publishing the Tapir Conservation Newsletter in 1990. We published an annual issue for ten years, and we began publishing semi-annual issues in June, 2002. More than twenty issues over 25+ years have chronicled the extensive field research, biological research and outreach efforts of the tapir conservation community.

Tapir Conservation

Volume 24, Number 33 (PDF 2.5MB)
July 2015
Crop-raiding Baird’s Tapir provoke subsistence farmers in Belize, a reintroduced Andean tapir attacks a person in Ecuador, and much more in the July 2015 issues of Tapir Conservation.

Tapir Conservation

Volume 23, Number 32 (PDF 8MB)
July 2014
Estimating tapir densities using camera traps, protected areas in Brazil for the lowland tapir, dietary habits of the Baird’s tapirs in Colombia, and more in the July 2014 Tapir Conservation.

Tapir Conservation

Volume 22, Number 31 (PDF)
December 2013
Camera-trap Records of Mountain Tapir in Puracé National Park, Colombia, First Report of Positive Serological Response to the Hemoparasite, Identifying an Effective Treatment for Corneal Ulceration in Captive Tapirs, and more in the December 2013 Tapir Conservation.

Tapir Conservation

Volume 22, Number 30 (PDF)
July 2013
Primer Congreso Latinoamericano de Tapires, Ecuador; Tapirs in Mexico; and several excellent reports on the Baird’s Tapirs are all part of the July 2013 Tapir Conservation.

Tapir Conservation

Volume 21, Number 29 (PDF)
December 2012
In honor of the Fifth International Tapir Symposium recently held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, this issue of Tapir Conservation is dedicated to the endangered Malayan tapir. This issue includes a compilation of papers that provides a most detailed overview of the status of Malayan tapirs in the wild, the main threats faced by these animals and what is currently being done to promote the conservation of the species and its remaining habitat in Southeast Asia.

Tapir Conservation

Volume 20/1&2, Number 28
June & December 2011

The Tapir Research Spotlight, Conservation Report on the Baird‘s tapir ecology and conservation symposium held in Veracruz, Mexico, Nuevas recomendaciones para el manejo nutricional del tapir en cautiverio, New sightings of the mountain tapir in the Central Andes of Ecuador by camera trapping, Tapirus terrestris occurrence in a landscape mosaic of Atlantic Forest and Eucalyptus monoculture in southeast Brazil, and more in this issue.

Tapir Conservation

Volume 19/2, Number 27
December 2010

The Lead up to Convention on Biological Diversity, Conservation and Distribution of Lowland Tapir in Paramillo National Park, Colombia, Aspects of the Behavior and Management of the Lowland Tapir in Captivity, Brazil, A Preliminary Study of Habitat Selection by Malayan Tapir in Krau Wildlife Reserve, Malaysia

Tapir Conservation

Volume 19/1, Number 26
June 2010

Tapirus terrestris in Espírito Santo, Brasil, New Record of Baird’s tapir in Nicaragua, A Threat to Megafaunal Conservation in Brazil? Proyecto de Educación Ambiental, Argentina, Tapir Conservation National Action Plan in Ecuador

Tapir Conservation

Volume 18/1, Number 25
June 2009

Abundance of Baird’s Tapir in Costa Rica, Ecology of Lowland Tapir in the Brazilian Pantanal, Population of Malay Tapir in Krau Wildlife Reserve, Malaysia, Conservation of Mountain Tapir in North-West Peru, Ticks in New World Tapirs

Tapir Conservation

Volume 16/2, Number 24
December 2008

History of the Tapir Conservation Newsletter, the importance of salt licks in predicting the presence of tapirs, distribution of Lowland tapir in Colombia.

Tapir Conservation

Volume 17/1, Number 23
June 2008

Report from the 4th International Tapir Symposium, committee and financial reports, and special section on our chair’s leadership awards.

Tapir Conservation

Volume 16/2, Number 22
December 2007

New tapir population discovered in Ecuador, tapir conservation in French Guiana, fossil history of tapirus, report from seminar on captive Malayan tapir breeding programs.

Tapir Conservation

Volume 16/1, Number 21
June 2007

Report from Lowland Tapir PHVA, Virtual Library report, article on discovery of mountain tapir in new area of Ecuador, conservation across cultural and national borders, and more.

Tapir Conservation

Volume 15/2, Number 20
January 2007

Tapir attacks on humans, media coverage of tapirs, population dynamics of Lowland tapirs, Baird’s tapir population evaluations in Costa Rica and Colombia, detecting polymorphism in tapirs.

Tapir Conservation

Volume 15, Number 19
June 2006

Third International Tapir Symposium Report, notes on tapir/human conflict, the attempted sale of a baby tapir on the web in Panama, tapir footprint identification, conservation of Baird’s tapir in Oaxaca, Mexico, and more!

Tapir Conservation

Volume 14/2, Number 18
December 2005

Report on Malayan Tapir habitat use and density in Taratak Forest Reserve, Malaysia; Looking for disease in tapirs; Estimating genetic diversity of mountain tapirs in Colombia; a report of the Baird’s PHVA in Belize.

Tapir Conservation

Volume 14, Number 17
June 2005

Reports from Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and the committees, including an extensive letter from the Genetics committee. Also further discussion of the Mountain Tapir PHVA and the success of Red Danta website, a networking and informational site for mountain tapir researchers.

Tapir Conservation

Volume 13, Number 16
December 2004

Report on Mountain Tapir PHVA, 2004 TSG Conservation Fund grants, and articles on Malayan tapir habitat use in Sumatra, using GPS collars to track Mountain tapirs, and Bairds tapir behaviour in captivity.

Tapir Conservation

Volume 13, Number 15
June 2004

Includes reports from the Second International Tapir Symposium and all committee chairs on current status of group goals.

Tapir Conservation

Volume 12, Number 2
December 2003

Includes reports from Malaysian Tapir Workshop, founding of TSG Conservation Fund, project updates and TSG Committee reports.

Tapir Conservation

Volume 12, Number 1
June 2003

Includes field news from Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina; captive reports on Bairds Tapir; re-introduction outline.

Tapir Conservation

Volume 11, Number 2
December 2002

Includes field news from Belize, French Guiana, Colombia, Brazil and Malaysia; captive reports on tapir longevity and a new exhibit at Wuppertal Zoo, Germany; workshop reports from Colombia and Malaysia.

Tapir Conservation

Volume 11, Number 1
June 2002
Includes field news from Belize, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Thailand and Indonesia. TAG and studbook report. Survey of tapirs in American and European zoos.

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